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Kolhapuri Masala - Spices Brand

Brand Kolhapuri Masala. approached Abbydraw Designs to initiate a new and innovative icon celebrating their century. Our creative work on icons impressed them, and then Yuppi! We bagged the project of their brand packaging design and logo also.


When a brand like Kolhapuri Masala. approached us, we faced mixed emotions and excitement; we were also responsible for maintaining their treasured traditional values and culture. When they came to us, we knew the brand identity and recall status were high, but our creative challenge was taking it to another level high with revised packaging.

Not hindering its positioning statement

Sustaining the feel and emotion of existing packaging by upgrading packaging elements

Along with metro cities, the plan is to focus on targeting the audience of tier-2 cities

The brand should communicate heritage-oriented values


We value the traditional rich legacy of Kolhapuri Masala, and we initiated the project with many creative strategies and domestic and international competitive analysis.

we designed a beautiful and meaningful icon of infinity which reflects the continuity of the brand story along with the completion of the century. The icon celebrates the brand’s precious span of years in the industry.

To retain its brand image, Abbydraw Designs did not disturb its existing color.


Kolhapuri Masala