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Prov Foods - Healthy Snacking Brand

As it’s said “” Everything is created twice, first in mind and then in reality” With the same philosophy, Shalin Khanna’s (CMO) imagination to bring some excellent healthy snacks with international standards initiated in his mind first. His passionate nature and enthusiastic approach to structuring his idea in the correct direction made him collaborate with us.

Abbydraw Designs experience in the international market and product design motivated him to approach us for his project. Looking at the present dry fruit market saturation in India, they wanted to venture with strong packaging, branding, and innovative flavors to gain a competitive advantage in the Indian market.

We started their project with the brand name, and then they associated us with their complete packaging label design for their three categories: Raw Dry Fruits, Flavoured Dry Fruits, and seeds.


  • To creatively build a brand identity and packaging is distinct in cut-throat competition.
  • Already existing dry fruits brands and selecting a brand which will create its unique identity was a challenge.
  • Crafting International looking designs which pick from shelf quickly and it’s connect emotionally with the Indian audience was important.
  • Building minimalistic looking packaging designs while communicating the clear brand message of being quality, handpicked yet look creative and distinct in the market.
  • Maintain its brand guidelines and plan creative ideas around that loop to increase brand recall value among customers.
  • Their launch planned was in DIWALI 2020, which was a very limited time frame for our team.


Abbydraw Design’s primary focus was to craft a brand name that justifies their brand objective of delivering authentic dry fruits wrapped in nutrients and goodness. Hence our team of brand name experts, with a lot of brainstorming, finalized the brand name “Prov Foods”, which was inspired by the word Organic (Pro –> Veg —> Foods)
The brand logo was kept simplistic with an iconic leaf on the word “V”, which communicates being natural and organic. The Sans font style gives a Premium and elegant look.

Raw Dry Fruits

Our next major task was to introduce label packaging designs for their three categories, which will reflect the brand message. Our conceptualization team studied and understood their requirement for an international look and feel in packaging.

We established plain dry fruit packaging by considering the base white to represent purity and Raw as the brand personality. The extensive product image ensures mouth-watering and clear product recognition on a shelf and online sales.

Flavour Dry Fruits & Seeds

Flavoured dry fruit packaging design ensured to align shades as per flavours. The seeds design maintained the same brand identity of white along with a spoon image which indicates the brand proposition “a spoon full of seeds per day leads towards a healthy lifestyle.

The jar label is kept at a short height so that the actual product is visible, which will ensure quality, brand trust and purity among customers by displaying the actual product.

Looking at our work quality, we are in the process of starting an Prov Foods social media project soon, and we are humbled to be associated with such a passionate client.


Prov Foods