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IG ICK: Ditch the Habit! Why the Best Graphic Designers and Digital Creatives Should Stop Covering New Posts in Stories

In the dynamic world of Instagram, habits and trends among the best graphic designers, packaging designers, logo designers, website developers, e-commerce experts, and digital marketing agencies in India shape the platform’s landscape. One prevalent trend that has emerged is the routine of covering new posts with Stories. In this blog post, inspired by Abbydraw, we’ll explore why it’s time to break free from this habit and allow your exceptional work to shine on its own.

While the intention behind covering new posts in Stories is often to create a sense of anticipation, it can lead to a disconnect. Instead of engaging with your content directly, followers might find it cumbersome to navigate through Stories to get to the main event. Let your work take center stage without unnecessary barriers.

As a best graphic designer, packaging designer, or logo designer in India, your visuals speak volumes. When your posts are covered in Stories, you risk diluting the impact of your carefully crafted designs. Allow your audience to immerse themselves in the full visual experience without interruptions.

For website developers and e-commerce specialists, a smooth user experience is paramount. By avoiding the practice of covering new posts, you ensure that your audience can effortlessly navigate from your feed to your website or e-commerce platform, fostering a seamless transition.

Consistency is key in building a recognizable brand. When you consistently present your work in a clear and unobstructed manner, you reinforce your brand identity. Followers can quickly identify your style, creating a stronger connection with your portfolio.

The goal of social media is to encourage interaction. By refraining from covering your new posts, you make it easier for followers to like, comment, and share your content. This direct engagement is vital for algorithm visibility and growing your online presence.

If you have a story to tell behind your creative process, consider using Instagram Stories for that purpose. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, design inspirations, or client testimonials in Stories, allowing your main feed to showcase the polished end result.

Ensure that your posts are discoverable by optimizing your hashtags and descriptions in the main feed. When posts are covered by Stories, you miss out on the opportunity to capture the attention of users who may be searching for specific keywords related to your expertise.

Sometimes, breaking away from prevailing trends can set you apart. The IG ICK trend of covering posts may be commonplace, but by resisting the urge to follow it, you demonstrate a commitment to showcasing your work authentically and in a user-friendly manner.

In the competitive landscape of Instagram, the best graphic designers, packaging designers, logo designers, website developers, e-commerce specialists, and digital marketing agencies in India have the power to shape their online presence. By stepping away from the IG ICK trend of covering new posts in Stories, you prioritize user engagement, visual impact, and a seamless experience for your audience. Let your creativity shine without unnecessary barriers and watch your online presence flourish. It’s time to say goodbye to the IG ICK and embrace a new era of authentic content sharing on Instagram.

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